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Everything you need to know about the methods I use.



Braidless , Comfortable, Adjustable

The Celebrity Weave method, is where a series of silicon lined micro beads are placed in horse shoe shape around your head.

Each microbead is placed millimetres apart.

Once these are applied to the natural hair, a hair extension weft is sewn onto them making it a very comfortable application,

unlike the traditional weave which requires your natural hair to braided tightly to the scalp, the traditional method doesn't allow your scalp to breathe and doesn't last as long. 

This is a popular method , as clients are able to fit more grams of hair in, it should be re-fitted every 6-8 weeks.



Wearable, Versatile, Discreet

Naked Weave is an innovative technique of applying weft hair extensions. The Naked Weave uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly what makes it so innovative is that there are NO VISIBLE CONNECTIONS!

The Naked Weave method , is where a series of silicon lined microbeads are place in a horse shoe shape along your hair, close to your scalp. 

Once these are applied two wefts are used to sandwich the microbead and then sewn together hiding the beads.

It's great for for thin, medium and thick hair and when applied correctly this method is undetectable when your hair is up.

Naked Weave will need to be re-fitted every 8-10 weeks. 


Use this guide to decide how long you wish to go, do bare in mind the shorter your natural hair, the more grams you will need for it to blend perfectly. and the curlier the hair the longer you will need to go.

hair length guide.jpg
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