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Most women want a thick, long and bountiful head of hair that shines when the sun hits it.

However not all of us are born with such hair, but thanks to hair extensions you can now enhance the way your hair looks.

Taking care of hair extensions influences how they look and how long they will last, whether you have used hair extensions before or are new to them, it is essential to learn how to take care of them properly, with proper care you can be guaranteed you'll have healthier looking hair extensions .

Read on and discover some easy tips for taking care of your investment hair.

Use Heat Protection Products.
Human hair extensions give you the fun and options to style your hair, colour effects, and add volume. Also, if you want short hair, the extension can be cut to suit your look. When heat styling your new hair extensions, use heat protection products beforehand.

Heat is your extension’s enemy; the more you use it without a heat protector, the more damage you will do to your hair extensions.

Use Products With A Lot Of Moisture. 
To help your extension stay in good shape for long, use hair care products with many nutrients and moisture. The Naked Weave range of hair care products that I use have unique ingredients that give your hair extensions the nutrients and moisture in addition to wonderful smell.

Brush Your Extensions Often. 
The hair extensions I supply are easy to brush and style. However, it is vital to use the right brush designed for all types of hair extensions- soft-bristle or a wide-tooth comb. Take time to straighten your extension to avoid tangles for a nice shiny hair. When brushing your extension, start at the ends and comb your way up to avoid damage. It also becomes easier to untangle.

Sleep With Dry Hair Extensions.
Damp hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. Always brush your hair before taking a shower, and then comb your wet hair gently using fingers. Brush it again before sleeping when it’s dry. Sleeping with wet hair is a huge mistake that will wear out your hair extension. Avoid it at all costs.

Braid When Exercising And Before Sleeping.
It may be the hardest thing to do every day, but if you care about your hair extension and wants it to last longer, then start practising. Braiding will prevent your hair from tangling, and you will get gorgeous beach waves in the morning.

After I've installed your new hair extension, please give it a 48-hour rest before washing to reduce the risk of sliding out.

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