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Here at Sassy Weaves, I thrive on providing each and every client the best possible home salon service I can offer. That’s why I have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Sassy Weaves experience. 

 If you are unable to come for a physical consultation and you request to be colour matched remotely via video link or a photo, I will colour match from this but occasionally it can be slightly off this can be due to lighting, screen resolutions so if this method of consultation is chosen then I cannot accept liability. If you are not happy with the colour match then we will have to return or exchange the hair at your cost, and reschedule your fitting dependant on when the new hair arrives, which could be up to 2 weeks later!

Please arrive on time. 

New clients, please ensure you have booked a consultation with me first, this is essential to be able to assess the health of your hair.

If you colour your hair please have this done before your consultation colour match. 

All hair purchased from me is non-refundable once it has been fitted. 

If you are unable to source childcare for your appointment I am happy for you to bring them along, I am a mummy too and know this can be difficult sometimes. 

If your hair & hair extensions have been altered or removed by anyone else other than myself, then I am no longer liable for any issues that arise afterwards and any services required to rectify will be charged at full price unless agreed by myself.

Enjoy the Sassy experience!

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